A month with Linode VPS hosting – Good going

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This blog is running in a linode vps instance. I subscribed for plan Linode 360 last month and setup this site myself. The steps to setup the server can be found in previous article – Linode VPS setup. I feel like setting up everything just few days back but actually a month has gone by. Time is running so fast! :-)

So far the server is running smoothly without any problem except a particular instance. For the first few of days there was nearly no activity in the server. After two days, I got couple of alert mails from linode.

Linode Alert – disk io rate – tamilsweet (linode20561)
Your Linode, tamilsweet, has exceeded the notification threshold (300) for disk io rate by averaging 450.13 for the last 2 hours.

Linode Alert – CPU Usage – tamilsweet (linode20561)
Your Linode, tamilsweet, has exceeded the notification threshold (40) for CPU Usage by averaging 99.7% for the last 2 hours.

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Shock – a pleasant surprise

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I logged into Linode Manager after 2 days and immediately noticed that Storage Summary and it showed “You have allocated 75% of the storage towards disk usage”. To be frank I haven’t noticed the text and just saw the bar earlier. My perception was that the disk usage was 75% and I haven’t uploaded anything to the server other than the basic OS files and the WordPress files. I got panicked for a sec. Only then realized that it was usage out of total storage available.

I checked the home page of linode and found that they have increase the Storage size by 33%. :-)

Check out – 33% Additional Disk Space to all linde plans

Linode VPS setup

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It took me about 2hrs to setup the server, from signin up to linode to transferring and bringing up this site.

Just thought i could list down the steps, so that it could be helpful for someone else and may be to myself later :-) .

I used articles by Victor Kane and Jeff Beeman as a guidance for setting up the server.  (Links to their articles can be found in the references list).

Signup & steps performed in Linode Manager

Signed up for Linode 360. Before signing up searched for coupon code in google but could only get some expired ones :-( .

Immediately after signup, I just logged into the Member’s area or Linode Manager. It asked me to select the geographical location of the server. They have 4 different options

  • Newark, NJ, USA
  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Fremont, CA, USA

I selected Fremont, CA, USA, as its closer to India, among the above four.

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Site back online!

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The site was offline for the past few weeks, now its back online!!!

This site is now running from linode. Subscribed for their hosting plan Linode 360 yesterday (20April09).  I will be posting more details later, now little busy with projects :-)

Between, I switched to Freelancing early this month.

I’m a Freelancer – Freelance Web developer now!!! :-)

Also, I’m determined to blog regularly…… definitely more than just “Happy birthday” wishes to Bhavana ;-)

he he……

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