Convert MKV files to DVD Disc using DVDFlick

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I was searching for a way to burn few .MKV files to DVD disc as most DVD players doesn’t support MKV files directly.
After a bit of search, I found DVDFlick.

DVDFlick – Short Review

DVDFlick is an Open Source Windows Application to burn DVD. It supports various video/audio formats and looks pretty good with load of nice features.

I tested the application by trying to burn a 2.1GB .mkv video(Blu-Ray – 720p x264) downloaded from torrents. My Sony DVD player failed to play the video as .mkv from USB and hence I decided to burn it to DVD.
I used DVDFlick and I let all the configurations remain default and it showed that the final output will be about 3.9GB and 46fps. I decided to just try out without doing any changes to configuration as it was the first time I’m using this application.
It was very slow to start with about 10min for 1% of video decoding and due to workload I just forgot about this. After several hours I remembered about this and checked the PC, by this time the burning was completed and it had took about 3hr 46min. Yes, it takes quite a bit of time as it has to decode the video and audio and then encode them to DVD format.
Also, don’t forget to leave free space for temporary file, by default DVDFlick stores the decoded file under My Documents. For this 2.1GB file it needed about 10GB free space.

Now the important part, the quality of video and sound!!??
Believe me it was excellent as it was before in the .mkv format. I thought of trying some other application if this didn’t go well and after using DVDFilck, I don’t think one will think about other options.


  • Supports all standard video formats, almost all available formats
  • Allows us to configure all the output options
  • Open Source, means FREE. No shareware/freeware version, No signup, No trial version.


  • Slow, but we certainly can live with this.

DLF IPL T20 2010 – Latest match results – Points Table

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IPLT20 2010 Points Table – 21/03/2010

DLF IPL T20 2010 - Points table after 16 League matches

DLF IPL T20 2010 - Points table after 16 League matches

Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers moved up the table with 2 out of 2 wins, while Delhi DareDevils slipped down with 2 losses in a row.

Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indian and Deccan Chargers looks solid so far in IPL3.
CSK missing Dhoni and DD missing Gambhir badly.
Chennai Super Kings and Delhi DareDevils will be gaining strength when they get back Dhoni and Gambhir resp. from injuries.
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Fun starts today! IPL III and My GOA trip :-)

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The much awaited excitement IPL III starts today, its going to be another exciting season of cricket for Cricket lovers. I will be missing first few day of IPL III as I’m going on a 5day trip to GOA, which indeed is going to be another fun :-)
Will be posting my travel experience after returning from GOA.
I’m starting in few hours :-)

Update @ 18th March:
I’m back to Chennai after a nice trip to Goa, more about the Goa trip soon!!!

Last day in Chetpet Office

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Yesterday was my last day in Chetpet Office.

Chetpet Office !!??

Yes, it was a business center named Niche Business Centre located in 2nd Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai. We rented it last December and we were working(a little, to be frank) from there till yesterday.


Me and Rangachary Krishan, my best friend from college, constitutes that WE.

We were working together from early June 2009. I was working in PHP/MySQL, rather WordPress projects to be precise, mostly via and he worked in logo design and assisted me in little design stuffs that comes with the coding work I do.
He is actively participating in the design contents in

Its really hard to work from home due to the abundance of disturbances, so we decided to look for an Office space and Ranga found this Business Center. Its located near the Lady Andal School in Harrington Road, a nice and calm place with lots of trees. We took a nice little two seater cabin and it cost us Rs.6500/Month and additional Rs.500/PC or Laptop. So we paid Rs.7500/month, little costly!. They also have a small pantry and support staffs for assistance and to give it an office feel. There were about 10 such cabins.

Niche Business Center CabinIts a good choice if you were looking for a work place for short duration. Not many were aware the existence such entity and we found it by chance while searching for a fully rented office and the advantage such place is zero investment and planning. If you like the cabin, just pay and occupy. When you are done, just leave. There were many such Business Centers and I saw one in Flowers Road, near Sangam Theater and another one in Haddows Road(ApeeJee Business Center).

Our cubicle was very similar to this but not this.
Here is the full address.
Niche Business Centre
No.10, first floor, Second Avenue,
Harrington Road,
Chetput, Chennai – 600 032.

(Don’t look in google maps its shows the location about a KM away from actual place ;-) )

Last week Ranga got an offer from his previous company and he(we) decided to accept it. So, we decided to vacate the office and did so yesterday. It was so simple, all that was needed was a letter and no prior notice, nothing.

So, wat’s next….!!??

I’m looking for another office space near my home!!!

Why office space!!?? Why not home!!??

Guess what! I just found the topic for next post ;-)

I’m working on WPRemix 4.0 – Premium WordPress CMS Theme

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WPRemix Premium WordPress CMS Theme
I’m happy to let you all know that I’m hired by R5 Ltd, UK to work on the next major release of WPRemix – a popular Premium WordPress CMS Theme.
The new release will be WPRemix 4.0 and will have a whole lot of new features. The official release date and list of features is yet to be finalized.

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